How To Make Money From Your Failover Traffic

By September 13, 2017Monetization

Those that know me know I’m an optimization nut.

Especially when I’m buying traffic I want to make sure I optimize everything down to the last impression that I receive.

Failover traffic is one of those things that often goes untouched, especially in affiliate marketing.

Most affiliates look at their spend, their revenue, and as long as they’re profiting they’ll often ignore the failover.  I’m specially talking about when a network “accidentally” sends you Geos that you didn’t target.

Or even when you’re running an Android app install and you get sent a load of iOS clicks.

Post-Click Redirects

This is one of the specific reasons we implemented a complete post-click redirect system inside of RevMax:

When you setup campaigns inside of RevMax, you can specially setup post-click redirection rules based on a number of different criteria.

Using our reporting and key performance indicators you can analyze that data and setup redirects accordingly:

In this example, you see traffic from countries outside this campaign’s target, Australia.  Without our post-click redirect system this would simply be lost traffic.l

Instead, we can appropriately route it to offers or monetization paths of our choice.

That’s one of our mottos here in the office: Not a single click goes unmonetized

Since 2008 I’ve always looked at my failover traffic like “gravy.”  It’s complete extra as to what I’m making from my campaigns.

I’ve even challenged myself to pay all my monthly bills with this money so I can keep all the profits generated from my campaigns.

Once you really dig deep down into your analytics and look at your data, you maybe surprised at countries/devices/operating systems that are being left out.

How much more profitable can you make your campaigns?