How To Achieve Insane ROI From Your Mobile Campaigns

By August 24, 2017Monetization

When I got started buying mobile traffic for my affiliate campaigns it was dirt cheap.

Back in 2009, the industry was still primarily desktop  traffic therefore networks were happy to sell what they could of their mobile traffic.

Quickly I was able to gain a competitive advantage as ad networks were pleased to provide me with very large volumes as long as I consistently bought from them.

Nearly a decade later, things have certainly shifted.  More people view the Internet on their mobile device than their desktop, and advertisers have had no choice but to make the transition from traditional desktop traffic.

Achieve Monster ROI

Basic economics tells us that the more advertisers, the more expensive traffic is going to be.  As marketers that means we have to be a lot smarter how we buy our traffic to ensure the highest return as possible.

Not all mobile traffic is equal!

With proper tracking you can easily see that depending on the device manufacture, offers convert very differently.

Many factors go into this including the size of the screen, network capability, and ease of entering personal information.

Take a look at these ROIs:

Group Metric Performance

One of the most powerful features of the RevMax Self Hosted tracker is the ability to break down all of these metrics for you automatically.

Depending on the offer(s) you’re promoting, you’ll find more value in some than others.

For example, if you’re promoting mobile content subscriptions, you’re going to really need the mobile ISP data as it helps show you which one has the highest conversion rate.

Whereas if you’re promoting eCommerce based offers you’re probably more concerned with screen size and network speed (wifi typically converts better as it provides a faster experience for the end user).

Squeeze All The ROI From Your Traffic

Mobile traffic comes so hot and heavy it’s important to accurately track and analyze every single impression in real-time.

It’s our goal to help you do this on the safety and security of your own server (hence self hosted).