Optimize Your ROI: Tracking Campaigns With PHP 7

By August 23, 2017Optimization

Have you upgraded your server to PHP 7?

If so, you already know about the security and performance boost you’re giving your business!

One of the most sought-after features to the RevMax Self Hosted Tracker is that it’s compatible with PHP 7.

PHP 7 was designed and refactored for today’s workloads and is now the ultimate choice for web developers today.  It offers faster performance, less resources, and cool new features like scalar type declarations, the Spaceship Operator, anonymous classes, and more.

Speed Up Your Tracking

With the rise of mobile traffic in recent years the need for speed has never been greater.  Every millisecond counts especially when you’re paying for traffic.

We’ve specifically optimized and developed our newest application for speed.  From loading stats to lightening fast redirects, split test us against the competitors and you’ll see how we earn you more ROI!

I personally began to hear about the tremendous performance upgrade to PHP 7 from the WordPress community.  It’s really amazing to see a split test when doing page-speed benchmarks!

Reclaim Your ROI

Our main goal here at RevMax is to help you reclaim more ROI that you’ve been leaving on the table.  Upgrade your tracking today and experience the difference in your campaign and give yourself that competitive advantage you need to buy more traffic!