Announcing The RevMax Self Hosted Tracker

By August 22, 2017Announcements

I’m proud to announce our newest product, the RevMax Self Hosted tracker!

Since 2012 we’ve led the self-hosted performance tracking and analytics market with our iMobiTrax software.

For the last two years running the Private RevMax network, we’ve seen an even bigger demand in building a much improved self-hosted tracker.

Therefore we combined all the powerful features of iMobiTrax along with the scaling technology of the RevMax private network to create the RevMax Self Hosted Tracker.

Some additional new features include:

* Multi-level redirects
* Rule cloaning
* Optimized for large click volume
* Improved referrer masking
* City/State/Zip Code Redirects
* Multi Post-back support
* Bulk Rule Handling
* Multi Campaign redirects
* Inbound / Outbound Rules
* Import Custom Filters
* Ability to favorite campaigns
* Simple landing page tracking (no code needed)
* Dynamic campaign links
* Secondary campaign redirect rules

And much, much more!

RevMax Self Hosted Tracker Demo

RevMax Tracker Coupon

To celebrate our launch, you can save up to 20% off all pricing using the coupon code: BETALAUNCH17

This is for a limited time only so make sure you check it out today!

Let us know if you have any questions, in the meantime, happy tracking!