3 Traffic Sources To Hack Your Campaigns And Make You More Money

By March 10, 2017Paid Traffic

Being an Internet Marketing coach and mentor, I get a lot of questions, but this is likely the most common.

Ryan where is the best place to start running mobile campaigns?

It’s asked by every affiliate, media buyer, agency, beginner, etc.


Honestly there is no perfect traffic source to start running a campaign.

Each source has their own unique quirks, pros and cons.

However, the biggest hangup that most of my publishers have at Revmax, is simply getting campaigns approved.

For example, if you plan on running a download offer, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to get that campaign approved on a place like Adwords or Facebook.

To be quite honest with you, even if you could get them approved the traffic likely wouldn’t convert well enough for now much it would cost.

That is because both Adwords and Facebook don’t have “download sites” as publishers for their ad networks.

Matching Traffic to Offers

Think about this for a second… If someone is going to convert on a download offer, they must be in the mindset to download something correct?

So you must ask yourself, where would visitors intent be to download mobile content?

One option is a download site of course!

Now that we’ve identified the types of sites that we would need to advertise on to make this offer work, we now must figure out how we can buy traffic on these types of sites.

Easy Approvals, Tons of Targeting Options

As mentioned earlier these download sites more than likely wont be found running any Adsense or Facebook ads, however you will find a lot of them monetize their traffic with the use of pop networks.

Since these traffic sources usually don’t sign large INC 500 companies, they are very willing to work with performance marketers like yourselves.

That means that it’s very easy to get your campaigns approved.

It gets better!

These types of ad networks usually have a ton of targeting options and dynamic tracking tokens.

Which translates into optimizing your campaigns extremely easily.

Most Popular Pop Traffic Sources

Let me tell you, there is no shortage of pop ad networks, however you shouldn’t just sign up to just any network…

There are a lot of fly by night networks out there, that will claim they have a ton of great inventory, only to find out they are rebrokering there traffic from another source.

Meaning you are going to pay more money and have lower quality traffic than if you just went to a higher teir pop source in the first place.


The reason I put PopAds first is because it has an extremely low deposit amount, which is great for beginners.

At the time of this post you only have to deposit $10 to get your campaigns running.

The have a TON of targeting options, which allow you to easily optimize your campaigns till your heart desires.

Plus they have a ton of inventory available in over 150 different countries.

If you are looking to get started with PopAds there is also an awesome guide available that I suggest you check out.


A close second to PopAds is PopCash, which has an even lower deposit amount of $5.

PopCash does have a lot of targeting options compared to several other sources, however it does lack carrier targeting.

This will make several of you not want to run here… but if you do crack PopCash, just know that there will be less competition so that can be your competitive advantage.

The place PopCash lacks however, is traffic volume in anything other than adult traffic.


If you are running traffic in any teir 2 or 3 countries, it’s more than likely that you’ll see AdCash in the top 100 largest volume sites.

AdCash has a TON of cheap traffic for any country you choose, with tons of targeting options.

The difference with AdCash over other traffic sources in this list however, is it requires a deposite of $100.

You’ll also notice that AdCash has quite a bit of bot traffic that you will have to filter through… Once you create a solid blacklist though, AdCash can be a solid traffic source for you.

Where To Start

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there are tons of different pop source to choose from.

Once you have a soild understanding of how to launch and optimize campaigns you can begin to venture out and test other sources.

Before you do that though, I highly suggest choosing one traffic source, one country and run it until you make it profitable.

Once you’ve master a source and have a few winners, only then should you move on to other sources in this list and beyond.