How To Setup App Install Campaigns On Google Adwords

By October 31, 2016App Installs

If you’ve been marketing and advertising online for any amount of time, you know Google Adwords is one of the best places to purchase online media.

Not only do they have some of the best targeting options (especially when it comes to mobile) there is no shortage of volume.

They also have a fairly advanced click-fraud system that helps filter out bot-related clicks (even retroactively) so you don’t pay for clicks that weren’t real users.

Over the last month we’ve been doing a lot of training on how to setup app install campaigns on Adwords inside our Mastermind forum.

Having coached thousands of affiliate marketers over the last five years, I find that most want to concentrate just on driving traffic and not designing banners, landing pages, and other assets.

That’s why I particularly like app install campaigns.

You can simply use the provided banners and your goal is to focus on driving traffic and then optimizing based off what converts.

Setup App Install Campaign

To get started, here is how you setup the campaign:

App Install Campaign Checklist

  1. iMobiTrax Setup And Online
  2. App Install Campaign Link (and preview link with package name)
  3. Approved Banners / Creatives
  4. Proper Redirect Rules Setup

Google Adwords Tracking Macros/Tokens

{adgroupid} – Ad Group IP

{targetid} – Target ID

{creative} – Creative or Banner

{keyword} – Keyword(s)

{placement} – Where Your Ad(s) Are Shown *Most Important*

{target} – Target ID

To learn more about how to optimize your campaign, head over to the mastermind!